The Mobil™ car care range comprises innovative, performance-based products that meet and exceed the toughest industry specifications. The Mobil car care range was introduced to complement the lubricants and offer a Mobil solution for most fluid applications in the workshop.
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Mobil Antifreeze

Mobil 1L AntiFreeze Con (2)

Mobil Antifreeze contains Mono Ethylene Glycol and helps to prevent winter freezing and summer overheating over a 2 year period.
  • Concentrated antifreeze formula
  • Contains Mono Ethylene Glycol. Helps to prevent winter freezing and summer overheating
  • Three year's protection

Mobil Brake Fluid DOT 4

Mobil Brake Fluid DOT 4 ESPMobil Brake Fluid DOT 4 is based on polyethylene glycol ether technology to provide the highest level of brake and clutch performance in modern as well as older model automotive and commercial vehicles. 
  • Consistent and safe brake performance under severe braking pressure
  • Reduces leakage and loss of fluid to a minimum
  • Extended life and reliability of brake system components


Mobil Screenwash Concentrate

Mobil 1L Screenwash Con -65Highly concentrated Screenwash Concentrate that protects down to -65°C.
  • Suitable for the most severe winter conditions.
  • Helps to prevent windscreen washer freeze-up.
  • Added fragrance.
  • Can also be used all year round to remove dirt & grime from windscreens

Mobil Screenwash Ready Mixed

screenwash-new-rmMobil Screenwash ready mixed protects down to -16°C and prevents screenwash from freezing.
  • Ready to use ­ no need to dilute.
  • Added fragrance.
  • Pour into your screenwash reservoir


Mobil De-icer

De-IcerMobil De-icer is a high performance product that effectively clears frost and ice from windscreens.
  • Spray onto windsceen
  • Use windscreen wipers to clean
  • In severe conditions a second application may be required
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