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Mobil 1™ Service Centres use MobilTM products to ensure the highest possible standard of protection and performance for their customer's vehicles.

Mobil 1™ World Leading Product Technology

The complete range of engine oils have more OEM approvals than any other brand, so you can be confident that stocking one range will meet market requirments. From Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Fiat and Porshe to Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Vauxhall, Peugeot and Volkswagen.
The Power of the Brand 
From the Wright brothers' first flight, Mobil's reputation for performance, innovation and expertise is recognised globally. Mobil 1™ fully synthetic lubricant technology is backed by partnerships with Red Bull Formula 1 Racing, Porche Le Mans and Nascar. 
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Success for MIA School of Race Mechanics

MIA Mechanics










Sunday 5th February saw the conclusion of the Motorsport Industry Association’s (MIA) first UK School of Race Mechanics at Donington Park. The 2016/17 course, which was supported by WP Group along with Mobil 1, brought together eight students from around the world, all looking to begin their careers within this exciting industry.

The unique programme saw race mechanics and engineers give up their time to tutor the mechanics of tomorrow. As official partners, Mobil 1 and WP Group supported this 10 week programme with Mike Frost, Motorsport technical advisor at ExxonMobil, teaching students about fuels and lubricants.

Five of the students have now secured placements with teams and organisations within the motorsport industry and will kick start their careers over the coming months.

The top two students were also awarded additional prizes, including an F1 driving experience provided by Mobil 1 and WP Group.

Student Marek Lisovski said of the course: “MIA School of Race Mechanics gave me the experience and knowledge to kick-start my career in the motorsport industry – well organised team, excellent communication and fabulous atmosphere. Really enjoyed my 10 weeks with this school.”

Andy Snell, Automotive Manager for WP Group also said: “The WP Group are delighted to partner this exciting and unique opportunity. We wish all the future race technicians the best of luck as they begin their careers in the world of motorsport.”

The next MIA School of Race Mechanics is set to begin in November 2017. Find out more about how you can get involved here: www.schoolofracemechanics.co.uk