40 Years of Excellence: Congratulations to Service Plus

We take great pride in our long-standing partnerships. We are proud to congratulate Service Plus marking their 40 years in the industry. Service Plus are one of our original and most esteemed customers. We celebrate this incredible journey recognising their outstanding contributions to the industry.

Service Plus have played a pivotal role in enhancing the Mobil brand and Mobil Service Centre programme. Their innovative events and marketing efforts have consistently contributed to our overall success. Events such as Fuel Save, Boxx Promotion and the Million Mile to name just a few. The events successfully showcased their collective commitment and customer engagement to the brands excellence. This provided valuable insights and benefits for customers while also enhancing the Mobil brand reputation and customer loyalty. The events hosted by Service Plus are a clear demonstration of how it has elevated both brands together. 

Service Plus has been an integral part of the Mobil Service Centre and we are honoured to celebrate their remarkable 40-year milestone. We look forward to many more years of collaboration and shared success. Here’s to the exciting future ahead!