Weissach's success with Mobil Service Centre

Weissach, based in the Northwest of England, led by Tom Atherton and his dedicated team are reaching new heights providing unrivalled service to their customers at highly competitive prices.

Recognising the surging demand for their top tier services Weissach have proudly opened another workshop facility. This can now enable to extend their renowned services, serving their expanding customer base and offering both detailing, brokage and preventative maintenance repair. This grand opening is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and a celebration of the comprehensive customer centric automotive experience.

With a touch of our support, they're introducing a cutting-edge automated oil distribution system into the new workshop. This system ensures that the high-performance Porsches maintained by Tom's team receive high quality and performance from our Mobil 1 products. Furthermore, the Mobil 1 products have been seriously incorporated into the five new lift installations. Tom’s trust in our product quality extends far beyond Porsche it's the foundation of our valued partnership.

The partnership between us and Weissach marks a significant step towards innovation on excellence. With the new workshop and cutting-edge performance systems in place this partnership promises a bright and enduring future setting the stage for further industry achievements.

Find out more about Weissach: https://www.weissachuk.com/